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We’d like to introduce you to other initiatives that tirelessly strive towards building happy and healthy communities. These organisations all receive donations in the form of the beads, elastic and instructions necessary to create JOY Caring-Sharing Bracelets. It’s our way of helping others share the joy. We are so proud to be associated with these amazing projects and we thank them for sharing our vision.

Umniqophisa pre-Primary School, Aftercare Centre and Phakamani


The Pre-primary school makes provision for 210 R grade children. The Aftercare Centre has 50 Primary School pupils whilst Phakamani provides adult learning and skills development opportunities for members of the community.

In addition the staff and members of Phakamani are involved with their local churches in various manners – teaching Sunday School, choir leadership, youth and women’s groups.

Since the introduction of The JOY Bracelet Project to the school, by Hélène Rykaart, the message of the fruits of the Spirit has been included in the School Curriculum on a permanent basis. Bracelets (together with the message) made by the school have also gone to India, Germany, Australia, Canada, the UK and America as well as reaching folk throughout Southern Africa. To date over 6 000 bracelets have been made and passed on.

Victoria , the Principal of the school says, “The JOY Bracelet helps us to live better lives. It helps us to teach the children about values and how we should all treat one another. Our parents are now also coming and asking us to tell them more about the fruits of the Spirit and are taking the message to their families, churches and friends.”

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Straatlig, Stellenbosch


Straatlig strives to be a family to the homeless, destitute and needy. We are a church-based organisation that focusses on the needs of each individual and strives to assist people in a holistic and sustainable way.

We also have a preliminary intervention programme called Becoming Kids, where we strive to empower children from an early age. This is done on two fronts, an enrichment programme that runs after school, as well as a one-on-one mentorship programme. We use The JOY Book to guide the children and teach them the fruits of the Spirit.

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Safehouse, Stellenbosch


Safehouse is a shelter for women and children who have suffered physical and emotional abuse, rape and other traumas related to domestic violence. The organisation facilitates a rehabilitation process and provides a protected environment in which women and children can recuperate and come to terms with past trauma, assisting them to develop into successful, mature individuals.

Safehouse collaborates with The JOY Project in the making of JOY Bracelets. To the women in their care, this is an amazing opportunity, not only to spread joy to others, but also to learn a valuable new skill.

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